Richard Khanyile


My knee problems started decades ago when I was a young policeman and I had to have an operation to repair damaged cartilage. I recovered well and went on playing sport.

But then three years ago my knee started swelling again and I went back to the surgeon who had operated on me the first time and now he advised a knee replacement which I went ahead with. It didn’t go well. 

I went back to the surgeon several times because by this time I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t drive and I couldn’t go to church. Every time I wanted to go somewhere I had to pay someone to drive me there. 


My surgeon told me I was “one of the unlucky ones”. Hearing those words felt worse than the pain I was experiencing. What if I was going to be disabled for life?  

Then a colleague of mine told me about a reputable surgeon and I made an appointment to see him. The X Rays showed that my knee was stuck together and couldn’t move. My new surgeon did  a revision knee replacement and I could feel the difference immediately after the surgery!  

Six months on, I can go to the bathroom without anyone helping me. I can drive myself to church, I can play with my grandchild and I’m back at gym. I feel as if I’ve been set free.


Scientific literature indicates knee replacements should be expected to last 10 to 15 years before wear becomes an issue. Based on simulated wear testing, The LEGION Knee with VERILAST Technology  is expected to provide wear performance sufficient for 30 years of actual use under typical conditions. 

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