Tim is back in the game

Tim Whitehead Sharks Rugby player

Sharks Rugby player, Tim Whitehead returned to play on Friday 2nd  August 2013 after a frustrating seven month absence due to a forearm fracture which refused to  heal. The twenty-five year old centre who has played two seasons with the Sharks said:

"Every week that you don't play, you lose value as a player, you lose money and your confidence tumbles. When I was told I was okay to play again I was ecstatic to finally get in some game time after being out of action for so long."


Sharks Team physician, Dr Alan Kourie approached Smith & Nephew after Tim’s fracture just wouldn’t unite despite a bone graft and careful attention to his diet and calcium levels by the team dietician.

“I only took over as team doctor in January 2013 but I knew that 'Beast' (Tendai Mtawarira) and some of our other players had previously sped up the healing of their fractures after using Exogen, an ultrasound bone healing system. Luckily for Tim, Smith & Nephew agreed to sponsor an Exogen set that he could use on his own at home and the results have been great.”

Dr Kourie said that Tim’s fracture was quite a serious fracture as he had broken the radius in his arm which required an orthopaedic surgeon to operate and put in a plate and screws in to join together and repair the broken bone. However, in the months that followed he had a non union which meant that where the bone should have healed, there was a sizeable gap.

According to Dr Kourie, the worst part of Tim being injured was that each time they took an x-ray; the bone was showing no signs of healing. “This has a huge impact on a player, as it affects their morale and their confidence not being able to play matches. This was when we decided to look around for an alternate mode of healing. We had heard that other high profile players had used Exogen with amazing results and so we decided to give it a try.”

Talking about the results, Tim beamed:

“Exogen is really easy to use - only 20 minutes a day. You just sit down, relax, hit the power button and feel the bone grow!"

Exogen heals quicker

Smith & Nephew’s Sbu Njapha [pictured below with Tim and colleague, Ureshnee Moodley] said it had been heart-warming to see Tim’s speedy recovery.

Sbu Njapha Tim Whitehead Ureshnee Moodley


"I feel proud that we at Smith & Nephew were able to help Tim get back to what he loves to do quicker. Exogen really is in a class of its own.”

"You just hit the power button, sit back, and ... feel the bone grow!" 

The words of Tim Whitehead, centre for The Sharks, who returned to play after months of struggling with a radius fracture that refused to heal.

Watch the video

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The Sharks Team doctor, Alan Kourie said: 


The Sharks Team Doctor, Alan Kourie

We like to be evidence-based at The Sharks and Exogen has the papers and journals to back it up as far as the healing process goes. Our medical team previously used Exogen on 'Beast' when he had an ankle fracture last year and really, the results speak for themselves.