Modern Burns Education

In 2011 Smith & Nephew established a Burns Management faculty at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital under the chair of Prof Heinz Rode, a global leader in Modern Burn Management.

The annual Smith & Nephew Burns Specialist Skills Training Course was developed in tandem to help improve the quality of care and outcomes for patients who sustain burn trauma injuries. Last year this course was attended by surgeons from South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand and China.

Smith & Nephew is proud to provide this expert guidance to international colleagues as they shape and improve the management of burn patients in their respective countries. In 2013 and beyond, the courses will follow this philosophy and expand to other parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Burns training

Prof Heinz Rode (back right) pictured here at a Burns training session in 2012.


Last year alone 740 surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals  participated in Burns Outreach programmes offered by the Advanced Wound Management team of Smith & Nephew.

Investment in training

Over the past decade Smith & Nephew has provided Modern Burns Management training to over 1500 surgeons  from sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging countries who play a critical role in the successful multidisciplinary management of burn care.

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