Advanced Burn Management in Africa

Smith & Nephew’s focus on modern burns management escalated in the early 2000’s with technologies like nanocrystalline silver, bioengineered temporary synthetic skins and procedurally efficient hydrosurgical tissue debridement. These revolutionised the management of major burns from patient, surgeon and funder perspectives.  

But not all healthcare professionals have experienced the full potential of what products like these can deliver and the South African Advanced Wound Management Division pioneered dedicated Burns Congresses and Burns Outreach Programmes to improve patient outcomes, using South African and international faculty.

In 2011 Smith & Nephew established a Burns Management faculty at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital under the chair of Prof Heinz Rode, a global leader in Modern Burn Management.

Burns Data Bank

Smith & Nephew has been a principal catalyst in the revival of the South African Burns Society, now actively involved in formulating burn treatment and referral guidelines. A website will provide educational support to healthcare professionals and Smith & Nephew is helping to fund the development of a burns data bank to centrally capture important burns related epidemiological data.