We believe we should lead in education

Master Fractures Forum August 2013  

Smith & Nephew is a global medical technology business dedicated to helping improve people's lives. We have leadership positions in Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine and Trauma.

As leaders in our markets we believe we should also lead in education. This is why every year we provide education and training to thousands of healthcare professionals - surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, registrars and community healthcare staff. 

This is delivered through seminars, faculty, in-service training, visiting surgeon programmes, academies, travelling fellowships, conferences, surgeon meetings, workshops and master classes in advanced techniques and therapies. We also provide web-based training for healthcare professionals and direct-to-patient websites.
Trauma education at fractures forum   Consistent with our ethical practices, the training we undertake is geared to meet skill gaps in the industry, build expertise and help healthcare professionals to use our products safely and effectively. We are honest and straight forward and do what we say. We build lasting and close relationships with our customers, and the communities in which we operate. 
Pictured here with Dr Frederik Louw (Cape Town) and Dr Peter Njoroge (Kenya) Dr Christian Snyckers demonstrates a Jet x on pelvis placement during the Masters Fracture Forum held in Durban in August 2013



Smith & Nephew Medical Education Trust

Training black surgeons

Since 1960, the Smith & Nephew Medical Education Trust has supported medical education of historically disadvantaged undergraduates by allocating bursaries based on academic merit and financial need.

Today we can gauge the impact of this talent development by the growing percentage of Black medical professionals who participate in the training initiatives of our business franchises.