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Anatomic ACL Reconstruction System

The N8TIVE ACL System offers an anatomic solution that provides a stable construct with cortical, intratunnel and aperture fixation. 

Anatomic ACL Reconstruction
With a construct designed to address the weaknesses of current fixation options, the N8TIVE system allows for a technique comparable to a current single bundle ACL procedure. This systems allows a surgeon to restore the size, shape, and location of the native femoral and tibial ACL footprints, and both the location and orientation of the AM and PL bundles.

Native ACL Compared to N8TIVE ACL


Stable Construct
Graft fixation includes the strengths of cortical, intratunnel, and aperture fixation in both femoral and tibial tunnels.

  • Femoral implant - pull out strength of 1173N; Cyclic migration of 1.10mm1
  • Tibial implant - pull out strength of 1262N; Cyclic migration of 0.29mm                                                                                                                             

Streamlined Technique
Our surgical technique is comparable to a single bundle approach, with a single tunnel for one set of femoral and tibial implants. We also offer instrument options for flexibility, efficiency, and reproducibility.

System Components

Femoral implant with inserter
Femoral PEEK Spacer (with cortical buitton)

  • Spacer length: 23mm
  • Spacer saddle length: 19mm
  • Base width: 6mm x 6mm

Tibial implant with inserter
Tibial Sheath and Screw (with optional cortical button)

  • Sheath lengths:
    33mm (with 29mm Screw)
    40mm (with 36mm Screw)
  • Screw diameter: 6-8mm, tapered
  • Optional cortical button thickness: 1.8mm


1. Reference P/N 39234-01. Testing in 40/15/40 pcf foam.
2. Reference P/N 39235-01. Testing in 40/15/40 pcf foam.

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