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JET-X Central

Unilateral Fixator

JET-X central unilateral fixator


The JET-X CENTRAL Unilateral External Fixator is used to rapidly stabilize open and/or unstable fractures, to secure osteotomies and for fracture fixation (open and closed). It is especially useful in cases where the soft tissue damage prevents incisions and soft tissue recovery is needed.

JET-X Central includes Ankle Spanning, Metaphyseal/Diaphyseal, Optional Cannulated and Hybrid Techniques

Designed for Performance

  • Radiolucent, lightweight carbon fiber composite.

  • Aircraft aluminum ball joints allow multiple tightening and loosening adjustments without sacrificing strength.

Designed for Ease-of-Use

  • Each ball joint offers 360° of rotation about the axis of the fixator, within 40° of angulation, for smooth anatomical reduction (no cog wheeling).

  • Spring loaded pin clamps provisionally hold instruments and pins

  • Self-drilling, self-tapping JET-X half pins.

Designed for Versatility

  • Unparalleled modularity and quick assembly with snap-fit ball joints.

  • Ankle clamp offers two placement options for calcaneal half pin.

Indications for the JET-X CENTRAL Ankle Fixator

1. The first part of a two-stage treatment protocol for complex pilon fractures (open reduction and internal fixation [ORIF] of the fibula and placement of an external fixation until soft tissue healing occurs to allow ORIF of the distal tibia).

2. The definitive treatment of ankle and plafond fractures that cannot be treated by ORIF (ie severely damaged soft tissue or open fractures).

JET-X CENTRAL Unilateral External Fixator Applications

Tibial Shaft Frame - Fixator is usually placed along the medial face of thetibia avoiding the muscles of the tibia.

Proximal or Distal Tibia Metaphyseal Fracture - Placement of the T-clamp proximal anteromedial.

Femoral Shaft Fracture - Reduce the fracture, especially rotation. Apply the clamp laterally. If possible, the half pin should be at least 3cm from the fracture.

Distal Femur Metaphyseal Fracture - Place the T-clamp fixator distally with the anterior pin 1cm posterior to the anterior cortex and 1cm proximal to the distal condyle.

Humerus Fracture - Unilateral fixator placed laterally. The radial nerve crosses the potential half pin position, so open placement at distal half pins is recommended.

The JET-X CENTRAL Unilateral External Fixator can easily accommodate either ILIZAROVTM or TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME rings using the snap-fit Hybrid Ring Adaptor.

Caution: US Federal law restricts these devices to the sale to or on the order of a physician.

This information is intended for health care professionals in the United States only.

Caution: US Federal law restricts the sale of these devices to or on the order of a physician.

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