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Graft Tunnel Solutions


Ligament repair made simple

The Smith & Nephew GTS SYSTEM offers instruments to assist surgeons during ACL reconstruction procedures. This system will effectively anchor and compress soft tissue grafts.

GTS Sleeve

A non-absorbable, three-lumen woven mesh sleeve that provides ultimate pullout strength above 1,000N and a stiffness of 100N/mm. The bottom lumens are used to house each strand of the Gracilis ligament, while the central lumen houses the GTS Tapered Screw once the graft is positioned and tensioned within the tibial tunnel. Surrounding the sleeve is a Type 0, braided, polyester cinching suture.

GTS Tapered Screw

Available in sizes 7-9 mm x 30 mm and 8-10 mm x 30 mm, this absorbable screw made from PLLA is inserted into the central lumen of the GTS sleeve to enable fixation of the sleeve and graft. Because it is designed with a shorter pitch and closer thread, the GTS screw provides higher compression at the site once it is implanted.

GRAFTMASTER II Preparation Board, ENDOBUTTON Holder with Extender, and Graft Tensioning Device Holder

Used to position the GTS sleeve in the correct area of the graft so that maximum fixation strength will be obtained once the graft is inserted into the tunnel. Positioning the GTS sleeve involves the use of threading tubes for each Gracilis ligament strand as well as the Graft Tensioning Device, which provides equal tension of all four ligament strands while the graft is being prepared.

ENDOBUTTON Depth Gauge Probe Locator

Used to measure the overall length of the tibial and femoral tunnels prepared during the first step of the procedure. This measurement determines where the GTS Sleeve will be placed on the graft prior to its insertion into the tunnel. The probe locator knob is a retro-fit device that can be purchased separately.

WHIPKNOT Soft Tissue Cinch

Eliminates the need for whip stitching during graft preparation. WHIPKNOT offers a pre-tied knot that can easily be placed on a graft strand through use of a pre-loaded cannula.

Graft Tensioning Device

Features four adjustable knobs that capture suture strands and apply equal tension to soft tissue grafts during graft preparation. It can also be used at the knee during the procedure to keep distal strands of the graft separate and in line with the tibial tunnel.

Ordering Information

Ref. Description
7210038 GTS Sleeve
7210039 GTS 7 mm x 30 mm Tapered Screw
7210040 GTS 8 mm x 30 mm Tapered Screw
7211015 WHIPKNOT Soft Tissue Cinch, single pack disposable
7209926 Graft Tensioning Device
7209862 Tensioning Device Holder
7209721 ENDOBUTTON Holder Scale Extender
7209951 ENDOBUTTON Adjustable Knob
015185 ENDOBUTTON Depth Probe
014948 GRAFTMASTER II System includes
  014949 GRAFTMASTER II Board
014950 GRAFTMASTER II Sliding Base
7207692 GRAFTMASTER II Cutting Strip
014415 ENDOBUTTON Holder
014413 Suture Vise
7207182 Steritray