JOURNEY Active Knee Solutions

The shapes in the JOURNEY Knee are more accurate than conventional knee replacements, so the movement of the knee is more accurate and natural feeling as well. The JOURNEY Knee is the first knee replacement to authentically imitate the natural working of the ligaments, providing greater stability. In addition, because the shapes in the JOURNEY Knee replicate the normal knee, your bones and muscles move together more naturally, offering more normal kinematics or movement. This also contributes to offering you a greater range of motion in bending your knee, so you can enjoy more activities.

Advanced Design

To create the JOURNEY Knee, engineers applied statistical data from more than 250 samples. They used this data to develop knee replacement models that accurately reflect the true shapes in the normal knee.

Combining state-of-the-art computer simulation with these knee replacement models, engineers tested more than 120 points for optimum design characteristics.

The result is a more normal feeling and working knee with improved stability, natural movement and increased range of motion.


Better Fit

The JOURNEY Knee has been carefully engineered to be anatomically correct, based on extensive data. Smaller sizes are contoured to reflect the smaller scale of women's knees. Contours of the larger sizes mirror the broader knee anatomy of men. The result is a knee that most closely mimics the original knee's shapes and function, resulting in a more natural feel.

A man's thighbone is longer and extends farther, making the man's knee thicker from front to back than a woman's knee. The JOURNEY Knee is shaped, scaled and contoured to reflect those differences. With a more anatomically correct fit, you are less likely to experience stiffness and pain when bending.

Superior Material

The JOURNEY Knee is made of OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium, only available from Smith & Nephew. This revolutionary material may reduce wear, potentially resulting in a longer lasting knee replacement. OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium is superior to traditional materials, such as cobalt chrome, because of its hardness, smoothness and resistance to scratching and abrasion.

In the past, many surgeons recommended delaying the replacement surgery as long as possible. With the anticipated greater longevity of OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium, surgeons can feel confident recommending the JOURNEY Knee for younger, more active patients.

What Surgeons say

The JOURNEY Knee was developed to meet the growing demands of people suffering from arthritis knee pain who want to regain an active lifestyle.

"The JOURNEY Knee has that potential to add function which to date hs not been reproducibly obtained in patients.

  • More flexion.
  • More normal function.
  • More normal stability.

That may translate into increased patient satisfaction and that is what we are really hoping for."

- JOURNEY  Knee surgeon

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