VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Instrumentation

VISIONAIRE Patient Matched Instrumentation 



Instrumentation, cutting blocks, that brings you an innovative approach for custom-fit JOURNEY and LEGION knee replacements. Your surgery will be unique to you, with surgical guides and instruments that are designed for the shapes and contours of your knee. Based off your MRI and X-rays. 

The manufacture of VISIONAIRE cutting blocks was recently featured on the hit TV show "How It's Made."

Visit the "How It's Made" website

Accurate Alignment

VISIONAIRE Patient Matched instruments allow your surgeon to achieve precise alignment custom to your knee

Faster Recovery

Custom VISIONAIRE instruments enable a less invasive surgical procedure which can reduce soft tissue and muscle damage

Less Pain

You may be able to take less pain medication for a shorter time with minimally-invasive surgery.

Implant Longevity

JOURNEY knee accurately aligned with the VISIONAIRE system may not only feel more natural, but may also last longer than traditional knee replacements


Ask your surgeon if VISIONAIRE, patient matched instrumentation is right for you. 

Please discuss nutrition, medication and treatment options with your doctor to make sure you are getting the proper care for your particular situation.  The information on this site does not replace your doctor's specific instructions.