Hip Arthroscopy


Until recently, the only thing limiting your active lifestyle was the number of hours in the day. Lately, however, instead of choosing between jogging or cycling, you're faced with the choice of enduring the hip pain you feel from these activities or refraining from physical activity completely. Even simple things like bending down to pick up your child or kneeling to enjoy time in your garden have become troublesome.

Almost as difficult as coping with these challenges is the fact that you are far too young to be faced with chronic hip pain. But in reality, a variety of hip conditions affect countless people under the age of fifty. Traditionally, many of these conditions have gone untreated simply because a practical treatment option was not available. Thanks to arthroscopic hip surgery, this is no longer the case. In fact, minimally invasive hip procedures may give patients the pain relief they need with smaller scars and less postoperative pain than open surgeries. This means patients can enjoy a quicker return to the physical activities and lifestyle they enjoy.

What is Arthroscopic Hip Surgery?

Nonsurgical Options / Reasons for Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Preparation for Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

Postoperative Care / Rehabilitation

Who is a Candidate for Arthroscopic Hip Surgery?

Arthroscopic Hip Surgery Day of Surgery


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