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Effective Intervention

PICO devicePICO™ is a revolutionary single use, canister free NPWT system.

On a closed incision such as a C-section, the PICO system holds the edges of the incision together1,2, and is a proven effective intervention to reduce the risk of infection3 and other complications such as haematoma. 4,5

In a recent study, PICO was used on patients who were deemed to be high risk (high BMI) to reduce infections following C-section surgery.  The hospital during this time experienced no readmissions for these high risk patients and a 50% reduction in SSI rates post-surgery within the same group.  Data was collated through post-discharge surveillance with patients monitored for 30 days post operatively. 3

Having performed a skilled procedure, every surgeon wants to protect their patient from post C-section complications.  PICO makes it possible.


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