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Technological Advances in Wound Bed Measurements

Romanelli M, Gaggio G, Coluggia M, et al. (2002) Technological Advances in Wound Bed Measurements, Wounds 14 (2), 58 - 66



Current methods for quantifying wound bed parameters rely on subjective, visual scoring by trained evaluators. Wound bed assessment is becoming a fundamental step in wound management. The objective measurement of physical and biochemical parameters related to the wound bed and the surrounding skin has increased exponentially in the last few years due to the development of new technologies and to a greater knowledge of many aspects of wound healing. The current research into chronic wound prevention, development, and treatment has led to innovations that have brought many benefits to the general management of patients. The array of medical devices under investigation for wound assessment includes the measurement of colour, pH, temperature, odour, tissue perfusion area and volume of the wound bed. Major advantages from the use of these techniques will be in terms of standardisation of parameters, data collection and comparison at different times, and objective evaluation of therapeutic protocols. As these measurement devices become more accessible to a large variety of medical specialities, there will be also other aspects to be taken in account, like the use of a controlled environment where temperature and relative humidity are monitored, the knowledge of technical aspects of the device by the user involved, and the basic knowledge of the biological aspects to be evaluated.