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Inflammation and Infection


Harmful bacteria in the wound can cause infection or inflammation which may delay wound healing, and in severe cases, may cause life-threatening infections. Harmful bacteria can delay wound healing by releasing toxins that damage tissue and increasing moisture (exudate) levels in the wound.



Identifying infection


Infected wounds display particular characteristics, such as increased exudate (wound fluid), redness, increased odour, inflammation, increased tenderness and fragile, irregular tissue that bleeds easily. Wound infection can be confirmed via a wound swab.



Removing harmful bacteria

Bacteria are typically removed from a wound by debridement of non-viable or necrotic tissue and slough, exudate (moisture) management and through the application of antiseptic or antimicrobial products designed to kill bacteria.



Product selection

The antimicrobial properties of products such as Acticoat* and Iodosorb* can help reduce the number of bacteria in a wound to reduce the risk of infection and inflammation and speed up healing time.



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