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Skin Care

Skin serves as the body's primary protective barrier, providing the defence against potentially pathogenic bacteria, harmful ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage as well as other specialised functions. Skin care products have a significant role in maintaining skin integrity and preventing skin breakdown.


Skin Cleansing Alcohol Wipes

Skin cleansing alcohol wipes allow for fast and easy skin cleansing.

Skin Cleansing Alcohol Wipes

Adhesive Removers


Adhesive removers assist in the non-traumatic removal of adhesive wound care products such as Hydrocolloids and Tapes.


Adhesive solvent wipes.








Skin cleansers are superior to soaps in fast, effective skin cleansing due to the presence of surfactants which lift dirt and debris with minimal scrubbing. Gentle cleansing is essential for preventative skin care.

Secura* Cleanser

Skin cleansing lotion.





Liquid Protectants


Liquid protectants are designed to provide a waterproof protective layer between the skin and substances which can cause deterioration of the skin and alter its natural pH level.


Protective barrier wipes.


Secura No Sting Barrier Film 

Alcohol free, protective wipes.

No-Sting Skin-Prep




Protective Barrier Preparations


Skin protectants should be applied after every incontinent episode to seal out wetness and protect against skin breakdown.


Secura* Protective Cream

Protective barrier cream to help treat and prevent rash irritation assoicated with nappy use or continued exposure to faeces, urine or both, whilst also helping to seal out wetness.




Secura Protective Cream Z10

Secura* Extra Protective Cream

Similar to Secura Protective Cream. Secura EPC contains 30% Zinc Oxide and provides durable, long-wearing protection that won't wash away, even in the most severe cases of incontinence.

Secura* EPC



Pre-Injection Swabs


Sterile pre-injection swabs for fast and easy skin cleansing.


Pre-injection swabs.