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Product Properties

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In addition to the benefits of pH control and protease modulation Cadesorb promotes slough removal and absorbs wound exudate.


Desloughing properties
is capable of removing slough and debris from the wound.


Absorption Capability
will manage exudate from the wound for up to 3 days depending on the level of drainage.


Wear Time
In vitro data 25 indicate that Cadesorb will modulate protease activity for up to 72 hours or longer (up to 5 days) in an environment equivalent to that of a low exuding wound.


The chart below indicates wear time.


The points on the graph represent wound exudate rates taken from 10 venous leg ulcer patients. 22



Estimated Wear Time for an Average Wound Covered with 1.5mm of Cadesorb at Different Exudation Rates


Exudation Rate g/cm 2/24hrs Cadesorb Wear Time Graph



Data from VLU Paper