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OPSITE◊ Post-Operative Dressings

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OPSITE Post-Op Visible
OPSITE Post-Op Visible
OPSITE Visible Drain Dressing
OPSITE Post-Op Visible Drain




Vital protection against serious consequences

OPSITE GraphOPSITE Post-Op provides an impermeable barrier against bacteria 1, including MRSA (in-vitro) 2, to reduce the risk of surgical site infection.

Help prevent blistering

In a 300 patient study on orthopaedic patients OPSITE Post-Op was found to cause significantly less blistering when compared to another film plus pad dressing or non-woven dressing. Being associated with fewer wound complications may lead to a shortened hospital stay and reduction in associated treatment cost. 3

Extended wear time

OPSITE Post-Op offers a significantly longer wear time when compared with non-woven or passive dressings. 4,5

OPSITE Post-Op diagram

Size S&N Code NHS Code PIP Code Carton
6.5cm x 5cm 66000708 ELW052 346-6851 100
9.5cm x 8.5cm 66000709 ELW051 346-6869 20
12cm x 10cm 66000710 ELW090 347-4947 10
15.5cm x 8.5cm 66000712 ELW050 347-4954 20
20cm x 10cm 66000713 ELW091 347-4996 20
25cm x 10cm 66000714 ELW092 347-5001 20
30cm x 10cm 66000715 ELW045 347-5019 20
35cm x 10cm 66000716 ELW049 347-5027 20



OPSITE◊ Post-Op Visible

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Continual monitoring

 Unique design allows continual monitoring of the incision site without the need to disrupt the healing process.
'providing both visibility and absorbency to promote longer wear times and fewer unnecessary dressing changes.' 1

Vital protection against serious consequences

Provides an impermeable barrier against bacteria 2, including MRSA ( in-vitro) 3, to reduce the risk of surgical site infection.

Help prevent blistering

 In patients undergoing total hip and knee replacement surgery OPSITE Post-Op Visible has been shown to reduce the rate of skin blistering from 14% to 8%. 4
'its elasticity allowed for post-operative oedema and did not restrict limb movement.' 4

Patient satisfaction

 'Patients reported satisfaction with the dressing and stated they found it exceptionally comfortable and conformable.
It also gave them confidence as they felt protected from the risk of infection.'


OPSITE Post-Op Visible diagram

Size S&N Code NHS Code Carton
10cm x 8cm 66800136 ELW306 20
15cm x 10cm 66800137 ELW227 20
20cm x 10cm 66800138 ELW228 20
25cm x 10cm 66800139 ELW229 20
30cm x 10cm 66800140 ELW307 20
35cm x 10cm 66800141 ELW308 20



OPSITE◊ Visible Drain Dressing

A new way to manage drain sites

OPSITE Post-Op Visible Drain DressingOPSITE Visible Drain Dressing provides an innovative solution for effectively managing drain sites with the added benefit of being able to monitor the site without lifting the dressing or disturbing the drain.

Unique design

The new OPSITE Visible Drain dressing has a triple layer construction which combines a low adherent wound contact layer 1, hydrocellular lattice foam pad, a highly permeable waterproof film 2 and two film securing strips. It is designed specifically for dressing drainage tubes and other percutaneous catheters.

Vital protection against serious consequences

The film is impermeable to bacteria 3, including MRSA ( in-vitro) 4, and while the dressing remains intact protects the drain site from outside contamination, helping to reduce the risk of infection.

Continual monitoring

Unique design allows you to monitor the drain site for signs of any complications as often as you like without unnecessary dressing changes for your patients.

Secure and comfortable

The pre-cut slit and securing strips help secure the drain in place. The dressing design ensures it is comfortable to wear and the pattern spread low allergy adhesive 5 helps to minimize pain on removal. 6

Effective management of any leakage

The absorbent foam pad and highly permeable top film ensure the dressing effectively manages any leakage from the drain site.

After removal of the drain the site can be dressed with a dressing such as OPSITE Post-Op or OPSITE Post-Op Visible.

Click this link to see a case study of Smith & Nephew OPSITE Visible Drain Dressing being used in a clinical setting

OPSITE Visible Drain Dressing ordering codes

Size S&N Code NHS Code Carton
10cm x 9cm 6600842 ELW336 20


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