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Reduced infection Risk

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  • IV3000 - film acts as a barrier to bacteria including methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA)
  • IV3000 - low incidence of catheter related septicaemia
  • IV3000 - reduces risk of infection and reduces bacterial growth by preventing moisture accumulation
  • IV3000 - maintains lower skin bacteria colonization levels
  • IV3000 - MVTR is up to 5 times higher than other transparent dressings, therefore keeps the catheter site dry


Catheter related infections graph

Source - Reference 10


A high MVTR means that it is possible to maintain a dry site underneath the dressing, which results in a dressing that is more securely fixed. Most importantly, without the accumulation of pools of moisture under the dressing, there is also lower bacterial colonisation and consequently a reduced risk of infection. This is significant because catheter-related infection is recognised as a considerable clinical problem.


There have been many clinical studies comparing different IV dressings, and many clinicians and opinion leaders now agree that IV3000 with its high MVTR helps to prevent moisture pooling underneath the dressing, which results in a reduction in bacterial colonisation.

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