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Tripepi-Bova KA et al. A comparison of transparent polyurethane and dry gauze dressings for peripheral IV catheter sites: rates of phlebitis, infiltration and dislodgement by patients. Am J Crit Care 1997;6(5):377-381.


Before a meta-analysis by Hoffman et al was published, polyurethane dressings were used at insertion sites for peripheral IV catheters at our institution. On the basis of the results of the meta-analysis, we began to use gauze dressings. The change from polyurethane dressings to gauze dressings limited direct observation of the IV insertion site, and IV catheters were anecdotally reported not to be anchored as securely as before. The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of the use of transparent polyurethane dressings and gauze dressings at insertion sites for peripheral IV catheters on the frequency of phlebitis, infiltration and catheter dislodgement by patients.


The frequency of catheter dislodgment by the patient was significantly higher (P<.05) in patients with gauze dressing (15%)than in patients with the transparent polyurethane dressing (6%)>