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IV3000* Claeys K and Degrieck D. abstract

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Claeys K and Degrieck D. OpSite IV3000- a clinical evaluation of a new transparent film dressing for central venous catheters. In: Maki DG (ed), International Congress and Symposium Series 179 'Improving Catheter Site Care'. Royal Society of Medicine Services Ltd, London, New York, 1991, 35-38.


The performance of IV3000 on central venous catheters has been evaluated in two intensive care units in Belgium St. John's Hospital in Genk, a 500 bed hospital with an eight bed surgical intensive care unit (Centre 1) and St John's Hospital in Brugge (Centre 2), an 800 bed hospital with 28 intensive care beds for surgical and other patients. The objectives of the study were, (1) to assess the application properties, security of fixation, and durability of the IV3000 dressing when used on central venous catheters: (2) to monitor and qualitatively assess the dressing performance in preventing moisture accumulation when used on central venous catheter sites.


It was concluded that the higher MVTR of IV3000 enhanced the durability of the dressing. Results found that OpSite IV3000 was easier to apply and could be more easily moulded around the catheter than the previously used dressing.