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Instructions for use 10cmx12cm

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This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

Instructions for Use


S&N Code Dimensions Recommended Indications
4008 10cm x 12cm Central line catheters

Clean and thoroughly dry application area.


Instructions for use diagram
Instructions for use diagram
Instructions for use diagram
Instructions for use diagram
1. Remove carrier (1) from the dressing and retain for use as in step 6 & 7.

2. Remove protector paper (2) in the direction indicated in the diagram.
Centre the dressing over the catheter insertion site.

3. Place the dressing on the catheter hub and adhere the dressing to the patient's skin. Remove the remaining protector paper (3)

4. Remove the printed transparent carrier (4) by lifting the non-adhesive edge and pulling diagonally until the carrier is removed.

5. Mould the film around the catheter to complete dressing application.

6. Remove the securing strips from the printed carrier paper (1) and apply as required, ensuring that the strips do not cover the insertion site. The strips can be used on the catheter wings or hub for improved security, to secure tubing or to stabilise catheter lumens.

7. In accordance with local clinical protocols, information may be recorded with a ballpoint pen on the documentation label before removing from the carrier and being placed in the patient's notes, on the skin or on the dressing (without obscuring the view of the catheter site).

8. If using more than one dressing, do not allow the dressings to overlap.

9. Remove dressing by loosening the film and stretching the dressing parallel to the patient's skin while stabilising the patient's skin and catheter with the other hand.
Alternatively, use an alcohol wipe to break the adhesive seal. If the skin is particularly fragile then warm soap and water may be used to break the adhesive bond and to ease the dressing off.