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IV3000* Product Range

IV3000* Product Range

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

IV3000* is a moisture responsive, transparent film dressing, specifically designed to meet the needs of catheter fixation.

IV3000 1-Hand Pack Shot IV3000 is made from a unique Reactic* film, which is breathable and significantly more permeable to water vapour than ordinary film. The film is waterproof and impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses and while the dressing remains intact, protects the IV site from outside contamination. These properties result in drier catheter sites, reduced skin maceration and lower skin colonisation, thus reducing the risk of catheter related infection.

IV3000 can be applied easily and aseptically, and due to the pattern spread adhesive, pain on removal is reduced. IV3000 is spread with a non-irritating non-sensitising adhesive.

One of the most important considerations for IV practitioners is to choose a dressing that protects the catheter site from infection. Guidelines suggest dressings that permit the escape of moisture may be associated with lower rates of skin colonisation helping to prevent catheter related infection.

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With a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR) which is up to eight times higher than that of other transparent dressings, IV3000 helps to ensure a lower risk of bacterial colonisation and a dry site leading to more secure fixation.

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The Range

The IV3000 dressing portfolio gives the IV practitioner a choice of application methods. Three ranges are available - The 1-Hand and the Standard (Orange Handled) range. The dressings are available in a variety of shapes & sizes to meet required applications.

1-Hand: Incorporates a stiff film carrier which keeps the dressing from creasing and sticking to itself during application. The carrier is then removed once the dressing is smoothly in place. This carrier ensures that the dressing can be applied using only one hand, aseptically.

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Standard (Orange Handles): Includes pieces of orange tape, which can either be torn from the edges of the dressing and used for extra security of the catheter or left in place.

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IV3000 Standard product

IV3000 is a clinically proven product with a wealth of clinical evidence to support its use. An IV practitioner will be concerned with the following issues:

Instructions for use

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

The IV3000 range of dressings for IV site Care

1-Hand Simple aseptic technique with securing strips and documentation label

Product Application technique Size Code Qty Recommended indications

IV3000 One hand product diagram

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7cm x 9cm 4006 100 Ported/Peripheral
IV3000 One hand product diagram

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9cm x 12cm 66004009 50 Central/Jugular
IV3000 One hand product diagram

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10cm x 12cm 4008 50 Central

Standard (Orange-handles) Incorporates tape for security of fixation

Product Size Code Quantity Recommended indications

IV3000 Orange handled product diagram

6cm x 8cm 4923 100 Peripheral/Ported

IV3000 Orange Handled product diagram

10cm x 14cm 4925 10 Central/Jugular


This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

  • Why does IV3000 high MVTR ensure a dry IV site?
    IV3000 is significantly more permeable to water vapour than ordinary films IV3000's MVTR is up to 8 times higher than other transparent dressings
    " There was no moisture observed beneath the [ IV3000 ] dressing in 92% of the 145 assessments made over a seven day period "
    " Marked pooling of moisture was not reported for any of the 38 IV3000 dressings used "

  • How does IV3000 help prevent bacterial contamination?
    " ...the use of OpSite IV3000 …leads to reduced bacterial counts in the presence of serum compared with other film dressings... "
    IV3000 reduces the accumulation of moisture on the skin surface that predisposes to cutaneous colonisation

  • Why is IV3000 an ideal dressing?
    IV3000 meets the criteria for an ideal IV site dressing as defined in published clinical guidance
    IV3000 minimises catheter manipulations, movement and dislodgement, helping to reduce the risk of phlebitis and associated infection
    IV3000 minimises catheter dislodgement, resulting in fewer needle sticks for patients and less opportunity for needle stick injuries to nursing staff

  • Why is IV3000 well tolerated?
    Reduces pain on removal due to grid adhesive spread

  • Does IV3000 require minimal dressing changes?
    Dressing can stay in place for seven days

  • Is IV3000 easy to remove?
    92% of IV3000 dressings were judged to be 'very easy' or 'easy' to remove

  • Does IV3000 have a waterproof film?
    " IV3000... survives up to seven showers in seven days "