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IV3000 with Strips and Labels

IV3000 now provides extra fixation and security IV3000 1-Hand




In addition to the benefits that the IV3000 1-Hand dressing range currently offers clinicians, IV3000 1-Hand now offers improved fixation and a documentation label.


IV3000 1-hand Strips and Labels
2 sterile securing strips provide additional fixation

Documentation label means best practice can be adopted


The sterile securing strips and documentation label are now available with the following products in the IV3000 1-Hand range:


S&N Code


Recommended Indications

Qty per Carton


7cm x 9cm

Ported peripheral catheters

100 dressings


9cm x 12cm

Central line catheter

50 dressings


10cm x 12cm

Central line catheters

50 dressings

IV3000 with a moisture responsive high MVTR and bacterial barrier film


IV3000 1-hand  
  • The Reactic* film used to make IV3000 has a unique molecular structure which is significantly more permeable to water vapour than ordinary films. This prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath the dressing, reducing bacterial growth and the risk of catheter-related infection.
  • The higher permeability of IV3000 keeps the skin drier, improving dressing adherence and reducing the number of unscheduled dressing changes.
  • IV3000 is transparent and so allows regular inspection of the catheter insertion site for signs of infection or phlebitis without the need for dressing removal.


IV3000 provides greater patient comfort


IV3000 1-hand  
  • IV3000 is kind to the patient's skin. Its low allergy adhesive and highly permeable Reactic film help prevent skin maceration or irritation and result in improved patient comfort.
  • The unique grid pattern adhesive makes dressing removal easier than with ordinary films. It reduces pain on removal and leaves less adhesive residue on the patients skin.
  • The highly conformable IV3000 film allows the patient to move freely and yet will remain firmly adhered around the catheter hub so ensuring excellent fixation.
  • IV3000 is waterproof and allows the patient to shower with the dressing in situ.



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