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Intrasite Gel has been proven to successfully treat patients across the many stages of wound healing, from promoting autolytic debridement of necrotic and sloughy wounds, to protecting delicate granulation and epithelial tissue during the final stages of healing.


Please search below for abstracts of a selection of key clinical papers which you can find per indication.


Indication Variant Author Introduction Abstract
Excoriated Tissue Intrasite Gel Vernon, T The management of tissue damage caused by excoriation of the skin as a result of urinary or faecal incontinence can be a challenge to nurses. Case Study
Necrotic Tissue Intrasite Conformable Arrowsmith, M The management of skin damage caused by necrotising fasciitis. Case Study
Necrotic Pressure Ulcers Intrasite Conformable Vernon, T The presence of necrotic devitalised tissue on a wound bed can delay healing and also increases the risk of infection. Case Study
Pressure Ulcer on a New Born Baby Intrasite Conformable Vernon, T The management of babies with wounds can prove to be a challenge for nurses, this challenge can also be greater than before, when the aetiology of the wound is initially unclear Case Study
Sloughy Venous Leg Ulcer Intrasite Conformable Bianchi, J The standard treatment for uncomplicated venous leg ulcers is graduation compression. When slough is present, however, healing can be delayed. Case Study
Sacral Pressure Ulcers Intrasite Conformable Leader, D Caring for patients with a pressure ulcer can be a challenging prospect, particularly when the patient is elderly. This challenge can be further enhanced when the patient is recovering from a broken leg. Case Study
Skin Tear Intrasite Conformable Vernon, T Skin tears are frequently seen in elderly patients and can prove to be challenging for the nurse. Case Study
Bullous Lesions in Lyell's Syndrome Intrasite Conformable Malecore, M
et al
Lyell's syndrome is a generalised reactional mucocutaneous condition of Epidermolysis Bullous caused by an immune system reaction to a medicine. Case Study
Bacteriostatic properties of Intrasite Gel vs. Purilon TM Gel Intrasite Gel Harrow, J Debridement of devitalised tissue is essential for successful wound healing. Article
Compatibility of Intrasite Gel with Acticoat an In-Vivo AND In-Vitro assessment Intrasite Gel Various Case studies have been undertaken to show the effectiveness of this combination in the treatment of chronic wounds.


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