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VERSAJET References



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(data for VERSAJET & escharectomy combined)
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13. Weighted average of five studies involving 451 patients with mixed wounds (acute, chronic, burns). See details below.    


Authors Sample size
VERSAJET debridement
Mean procedures
per patient
Weight Weighted
Mosti & Mattaliano (2006) 2 142 1.24 0.31 0.39
Gravante (2007) 10 87 1.41 0.19 0.27
Gurunlouglu (2007) 11 15 1.33 0.03 0.04
Vanwijk (2010) 5 167 1.20 0.37 0.44
Granick (2006) 1 40 1.18 0.09 0.10
Total 451   1.00 1.26

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