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VERSAJET Precision to Preserve

Precision to Preserve

Conventional surgical excision 4

Conventional surgical excision

VERSAJET II* excision 4

Versajet excision


Achieving maximum tissue preservation

VERSAJET tissue preservation 1a VERSAJET tissue preservation 1b Tissue loss
Centripetal debridement (towards the centre): Stage IV sacral pressure ulcer before (1a) and after (1b) conventional surgical excision 6
VERSAJET tissue preservation 2a VERSAJET tissue preservation 2b

Tissue preservation
Centrifugal debridement (from the centre): Chronic lower extremity ulcer before (2a) and after (2b) precise VERSAJET excision 6

Precisely control the depth of debridement 7


Tangential excision (Goulian knife, 10 guard) Excises at an average depth of 750μm 7

Enables precise excision at a minimum depth of 50μm 7