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  • This device should be used with particular care in patients with hemophilia or other blood clotting disorders and in patients receiving anti-coagulant medication.
  • This device can cut soft tissue. Apply only to tissues and debris intended to be excised from the wound.
  • This device is not suitable for use in the presence of a flammable anaesthetic mixture with air or oxygen.
  • Increasing console power settings will lead to more aggressive tissue removal. Use caution near delicate vessels and structures, such as neurovascular bundles.
  • The VERSAJET II handpieces are designed for connection only to the VERSAJET II system console. DO NOT attempt to connect to any other equipment.
  • The VERSAJET II Plus handpieces provide more aggressive debridement and excision when compared to the VERSAJET II Exact handpieces. VERSAJET II Plus is appropriate for wounds that require aggressive, yet selective, removal of tissues that are tough, heavily necrotic, contaminated or burnt. Users should be aware that just as with any sharp instrument, care and attention must be maintained while using the VERSAJET II Plus handpieces near delicate vessels and structures.
  • VERSAJET II is intended primarily for use in the operating room environment. Only the 45 degree VERSAJET II Exact handpieces (66800041 and 66800042) are suitable for use outside the operating room. Attention to universal infection control procedures should be applied when using the device outside the controlled environment of the operating room.

  • The 15 degree, 14mm VERSAJET II Exact handpiece (66800040) and all of the VERSAJET II Plus handpieces (66800043, 66800044 and 66800045) should not be used outside the operating room due to the potential of excessive misting or spraying.

  • If the VERSAJET II Exact 45 degree handpieces are used outside the operating room, ensure the floor immediately surrounding the treatment area is covered and any splashes cleaned after treatment is complete.

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