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VERSAJET System Set Up



Set-up of the Console

  1. Connect the Foot Switch Cord to the receptacle on the front of the Power Console.
  2. Connect the Power Cord to the back of the console and to an appropriate outlet.


Set-up of the Disposable Hand piece Assembly

  1. Remove the pouch from carton. Inspect pouch to ensure seals are intact and pouch is undamaged. Open the pouch ensuring that the sterility of the inner pouch is not compromised.
  2. Inspect inner pouch to ensure seals are intact and pouch is not damaged. Open inner pouch, remove the sterile contents and place securely in the sterile field. Avoid tangling and knotting of hoses.
  3. Remove white handpiece from plastic tray and place in sterile field. Do not remove pump cartridge (orange handle) from clam shell tray.
  4. Remove the white paper tape from coiled tubing. Uncoil the various tubing lines. Maintain aseptic technique for the white handle portion of the handset and several feet of tubing to allow access to the surgical site. Hand off the saline spike line, orange pump cartridge assembly in clam shell tray and clear evacuation line to the Circulator for final system set up.
  5. The Circulator should remove the orange pump cartridge from the clam shell. Turn the console knob counterclockwise to the 4 o'clock position. Insert the pump cartride into slot, until fully seated. When in proper orientation, the high-pressure tubing hose is directly above the clear saline supply hose and cartridge handle contacts the front surface. Turn the console knob clockwise to the 6 o'clock position. The locked position is verified by a click.
  6. Remove sterile cover from bag spike and insert into sterile saline supply bag. Ensure that the clip on the saline inflow line is open.
  7. Attach end of waste evacuation tubing (blue tip) to waste container. DO NOT connect to a port containing a filter or to the port labeled “VACUUM”. You must ensure that there is an additional open port on the waste containers lid. Ensure there are no kinks or other external obstructions in saline supply, high-pressure and waste evacuation hoses.
  8. Insert the foot pedal cable into the connector on the front of the console until the cable locks in place. The red dot on the plug should be aligned with the red dot on the console. Position the foot pedal for convenient access.
  9. Insert the female three-prong plug of the power cord into the back of the console and the other end into an electrical outlet. Press the main power switch located on the front of the console.
  10. Remove the protective cover from the tip of handpiece.
  11. While keeping the handpiece at a safe distance, set the console power setting to 10. Press the foot pedal and keep the system running until saline reaches the distal tip of the handpiece. An audible hissing sound and a visible saline jet aimed down the evacuation line, indicates the system is primed. Priming takes approximately 1 minute. Release the foot pedal and reduce the power setting to 1 before use.
  12. CAUTION: Once the system has been primed with saline, do not allow the saline bag to empty. An empty bag can cause air to enter the system and require re-priming of the system. Tubing should be clamped when changing saline bags.
  13. Begin debridement procedures starting at the lowest power setting and increase as necessary to the optimal power setting for the type of tissue being excised or debrided.
  14. If the device tip becomes blocked with foreign matter, a reduction in device efficiency or the presence of spray from the tip may result. To eliminate the obstruction, remove the handpiece from the wound site, release the foot pedal and remove the obstruction with forceps. Do not touch the opening in the high-pressure jet with forceps. Once the obstruction is removed, press the foot pedal and check for steady stream of sterile saline flow. If the obstruction is
    not completely removed, repeat procedure or check that the evacuation line is not pinched by forceps or being stepped on, or that the collection container is full.
  15. After completing the procedure, turn off the console main power switch. Disconnect the handpiece assembly from the power console by turning the control knob counterclockwise to the 4 o'clock position. Remove the pump cartridge by pulling it straight out. Discard handpiece assembly in accordance with your healthcare facility's standard guidelines for biohazardous waste disposal.


CAUTION - Each Disposable Hand piece is intended for SINGLE USE ONLY. Do not resterilise. Discard after use.


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