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VERSAJET Single Use Policy

Company Position Regarding the Reprocessing and Reuse of Single-Use Only Medical Devices

As a manufacturer of single use medical devices, including multi-use systems with single use patient contact components, it is our position that these devices are not designed or manufactured to withstand the rigors of reprocessing and therefore should not be reprocessed.


Single use medical devices are intended to be used on an individual patient during a single procedure and then discarded. They are not intended to be reprocessed and used again. Labeling identifies such devices as disposable and not intended to be reprocessed and used again.


The use of reprocessed devices may present unacceptable risks to the health and safety of patients and healthcare professionals. Tissue and organ damage as well as cross-infection can result from the reuse of a single use device, because of practical issues of cleaning single use devices. Moreover, the rigors of reprocessing can impair the performance and adversely affect the safety of a single use device, as a result of changes in the physical state of the device.