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First Aid Dressings

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As part of any normal day, the need for first aid can occur as people undertake many activities during work or play. Having a simple and effective solution for any injuries that arise is increasingly important, particularly for those responsible for managing the first aid area for any organisation. As part of our range, a variety of first aid dressings are available to cater for minor wounds that may occur, incorporating waterproof and visually detectable solutions.



Standard First Aid Dressings

Coverplast# Dressing Strip

Fabric first aid dressings

Coverplast Dressing Strip

Coverplast# Classic Fabric

Fabric first aid dressings

Coverplast Classic Dressing


Skin-friendly adhesive wound dressing

Detectable First Aid Dressings

Coverplast# Detectable

X-Ray and metal detectable, waterproof dressings

Airstrip Detectable

Coverplast# Visual

Visually detectable, waterproof dressings

Coverplast Visual