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ALLEVYN Range Update

Why is ALLEVYN Changing?

Why is the ALLEVYN range changing?

Since the launch of ALLEVYN almost three decades ago, Smith & Nephew has remained committed to innovation in advanced wound care. This investment has led to a robust range of products that both clinicians and patients trust.


To deliver solutions that reduce the human and economic impact of wounds, we regularly refine and create new products. This involves:

  • Innovating new technology
  • Reaching out to clinician customers, like you, for feedback
  • Understanding patient needs


Recent research we undertook highlighted some clear feedback from you and your peers:    

  • Universally, dressing choice is complicated by too many products all claiming to do the same thing
  • Choosing the right dressing for a patient should be simple and quick

Based on this feedback, we have decided to simplify our product offering by streamlining the ALLEVYN range. The first step in this process is to discontinue some products in the ALLEVYN range, and recommend comparable alternatives in the existing Smith & Nephew line.


What products in the ALLEVYN range are being discontinued, and what are the alternatives? Click on any product below for more information about the recommended alternatives for each discontinued dressing.


Product being discontinued

Recommended alternative

ALLEVYN Plus Adhesive ALLEVYN Life

When is the Allevyn range changing?

This will take effect from December 31st, 2015.


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