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An improved Tie-Over dressing...

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Giovanni Di Benedetto, MD, Marina Pierangeli, MD Alessandro Saclise, MD Anneke Andriessen, R.N, C.N.S, Ph.D., Sara Rowan, R.N. C.N.S. and Aldo Bertani, MD. An improved Tie-Over dressing technique for skin graft fixation. Smith & Nephew Case Study. Data on File.


Type of Study: Case Study


Type of Wound: Donor Site



Case Study of thirty patients evaluated using Allevyn* Non-Adhesive in an improved tie-over technique for skin graft fixation. The dressing regime was evaluated with respect to efficacy of graft taking, absorbency capacity, ease of dressing use, ease of dressing removal and pain on removal. In comparison to conventional tie-over dressing technique the hydrocellular tie-over dressing technique was shown to be more successful.


Key Findings

  • The results in this pilot study showed an improved taking of the grafts and in particular the possibility of a lower infection rate and therefore lower risks of losing the graft.
  • The results in this pilot study showed increased patient comfort