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An experimental study to calculate...

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Joan-Enric Torra I Bou, Justo Ruedo Lopez, Carme Ramon I Canton. An experimental study to calculate the pressure reduction effect of Allevyn* Non-Adhesive dressing in healthy volunteers on locations susceptible to pressure ulcers


Type of Study: Experimental Study



As part of a pressure relieving protocol, this study evaluates the pressure reduction properties of Allevyn Non-Adhesive on three different body locations of healthy volunteers. The level of pressure was calculated before and after applying Allevyn Non-Adhesive in the area of the sacrum, the ischium and the heel of three healthy volunteers. A total of 288 pressure readings were taken. The overall average reduction after applying a hydrocellular dressing to all volunteers on three anatomical sites were 19.5% in the sacrum, 13.8% in the ischium and 20.15% in the heel.


Key Findings

  • 19.5% reduction in pressure in the sacral area using Allevyn Non-Adhesive
  • 13.8% reduction in pressure the ischium area using Allevyn Non-Adhesive
  • 20.15% reduction in pressure in the heel using Allevyn Non-Adhesive
  • Even though the study had limitations such as young, healthy volunteers, it was established that the external hydrocellular application studied does have local reducing effect on pressure.