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People First

Good Things Happen when You Put People First.

ALLEVYN DressingsALLEVYN is the dressing that has always worked backwards from the human body, transpiring just the right amount to keep each wound at the optimum moisture levels1 - 6.

Since that original breakthrough, we’ve innovated and enhanced with silicones, shapes, silvers and now with ALLEVYN Life, the latest addition to the range with its unique quadrilobe shape that conforms to the natural folds and contours of the human body.

Every one of those improvements started from the same place – a deep understanding of human tissue and what it means to live with a wound.

We find that good things happen when you put people first: improved wellbeing, greater concordance and all the system efficiencies that derive from that7.



ALLEVYN - people


 Designed for people who happen to be patients.

The next generation of silicone foam dressings, designed following a global patient ethnographic study. Unique quadrilobe shape designed to fit the contours of the human body8,9 . Provides peace of mind leakage prevention10 and absorbs common wound odour11*. Cushioning layer for maximum protection.12. Masking layer minimises the visual impact of strikethrough13. Change indicator optimises dressing change frequency and minimises wastage14.

allevyn life

*When tested in-vitro on representative compounds


ALLEVYN Life ProductAllevyn Life SacrumALLEVYN Life - Heel

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Designed for Individuals and Versatility

From the beginning ALLEVYN was designed to respond to the human body: a range of sizes, shapes and formats, responsive triple layer technology for optimal fluid handling1-6 and Ag options when an antimicrobial is needed. 

 allevyn classic

The ALLEVYN Classic Range

ALLEVYN Adhesive ALLEVYN Adhesive

With a secure adhesive for when security is paramount and dressing retention is key.

ALLEVYN Non AdhesiveALLEVYN Non-Adhesive

A versatile dressing range ideal for compromised skin15


With a low tack, soft gel adhesive for gentle application16

ALLEVYN Gentle BorderALLEVYN Gentle Border

A gentle silicone adhesive dressing available in a range of shapes and sizes for challenging areas


All the benefits of ALLEVYN with added silver for when an antimicrobial is required




ALLEVYN - People


Packaging Information

With the ever increasing pressure on time and resources, we know how important it is for healthcare professsionals to be able to easily make an informed decision on the right dressing.

The NEW ALLEVYN packaging is simple, informative, efficient and effective. It has been developed in consultation with clinicians and patients. The new ALLEVYN packaging includes features such as:

  • Simple product colour-coding for each ALLEVYN dressing
  • Silver brand indicates Ag (silver) version
  • Easily locatable product specifications
  • Icons for at-a-glance information
  • Dressing pouches reflect the informative design

This change impacts the packing only. There are no changes to;

  • The ALLEVYN dressing
  • The ordering information and product codes are unchanged
  • Pricing is unaffected

This will be a rolling change. The ALLEVYN Adhesive range will be the first to transition to the new packaging - occuring in August 2014. You will receive further communications just prior to each changeover within the ALLEVYN range.

Should you have any further queries please contact your local sales representitive or call our Customer Service team on 13 13 60 for Australia or 0800 263 222 for New Zealand.


Exudate Management. Advanced foam dressings. 

What is the ALLEVYN Range of Dressings?

The ALLEVYN range of dressings from Smith & Nephew is a comprehensive range of absorbent foam dressings. Trusted with over 25 years of clinical use, the ALLEVYN Range has a history of innovation and putting people first, with a true understanding of the human body and the experience of living with a wound.

The ALLEVYN Range is divided into the ALLEVYN Classic products; a complete range of clinically proven1-5, quality foam dressings designed to fulfil a diverse range of wound care requirements, and ALLEVYN Life; an advanced layered dressing designed to give your patients an optimal wound care experience.


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ALLEVYN - People