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Use of Allevyn* Heel in the management...

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Kammerlander G. Use of Allevyn* Heel in the management of heel ulcers. Journal Of Wound Care Vol 12, NO 8 September 2003.


Type of Study: Clinical Study

Type of Wound: Heel Pressure Ulcer


This small uncontrolled study examined the effectiveness of Allevyn Heel. Twenty-two patients were recruited: 13 with heel pressure ulcers, four with diabetic heel ulcers, four with arterial heel ulcers and one ‘other'. Patients were treated with Allevyn Heel for a mean of 47.2 days, and dressings were left in place for an average of 2.2 days before being changed.

Key Findings

  • By the end of the treatment, 32% of the ulcers had completely or almost healed and a further 27% were showing evidence of granulation.
  • Application was considered easy in 98% of instances.
  • 91% of the patients reported that Allevyn Heel was comfortable to wear.