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The use of Allevyn* Non-Ad...

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De Vincentis, G., MD, Caracciolo, G., MD, PHD, Anselmi, A. RN. The use of Allevyn* Non-Adhesive and Intrasite Gel in the treatment of facial burns in children due to fireworks. Smith & Nephew Case Study. Data on File.


Type of Study: Case Study


Type of Wound: Burns


Case study of 5 children with facial burns caused by fireworks and 1 child with facial burns caused by an explosion. Allevyn Non-Adhesive and Intrasite Gel were evaluated for the following; handling properties, ease of application, ease of removal, patient comfort, pain upon dressing removal, efficacy and complications. Period of treatment was a maximum of 20 days; wounds to be fully healed. Five of the six children healed within 20 days and one healed after 37 days. The dressing in combination with the hydrogel was successfully used for the treatment of children with second-degree facial burns.

Key Findings

  • Intrasite Gel and Allevyn Non-Adhesive were easy to apply and comfortable to remove.
  • The hydrocellular dressing was easy to cut to shape and to mould to the facial contours.
  • An overall effective performance of the dressing regime was observed.