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Allevyn* Sacrum in the managment...

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Dowsett C. Allevyn* Sacrum in the management of a Grade III sacral pressure sore. Smith & Nephew Case Study. Data on File.


Type of Study: Case Study

Type of Wound: Sacral Ulcer


A case history of a 29-year-old man with Spina Bifida who presented with a Grade III sacral pressure sore measuring 3 x 2 centimetres. Although confined to a wheelchair the patient was active and played basketball for a local team. The patient's Waterlow score was 15. The wound was clean with granulation tissue present and wound exudate was moderate to heavy.
The wound was managed using Allevyn Sacrum. Initially the dressing was changed three times a week. This was reduced to twice weekly as the exudate reduced.

Care was shared between a Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist and the patient's mother.

The patient was evaluated over a 4-month period.


Key Findings

  • Over a 4-month period, effective use of Allevyn Sacrum reduced a sacral ulcer from a Grade III to a Grade I score.
  • The dressing was easy to apply, and the protective papers removed without any overlap of the adhesive edges.
  • Allevyn Sacrum remained in place without any lifting of the edges.
  • Allevyn Sacrum controlled exudate without any leakage, reducing the frequency of replacement.
  • Allevyn Sacrum was deemed to be cost-effective in terms of both acquisition costs and in reducing the number of nurse visits required.
  • The quality of life of the patient was maintained. Showering was possible without disruption to the dressing. The patient also found the dressing extremely comfortable, and commented on the cushioning effect.
  • Patient confidence in the dressing staying in place enabled him to continue playing basketball, again maintaining quality of life.
  • In comparison with an earlier dressing, there was a reduction in the amount of odour from the wound when management was switched to Allevyn Sacrum.