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Allevyn* Clinical evidence table

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.


With many years of clinical evidence in the form of published clinical studies, case studies and internal clinical evaluations, Allevyn has been proven to be successful in healing patients wounds across a wide range of indications, wound shapes, sizes and locations.


Please search below for abstracts from a selection of key clinical papers, which are arranged by indication. For full details of these or other clinical papers and case studies, please contact your local Smith & Nephew office.



Indication Variant Author Title Abstract
Pressure Ulcer Allevyn Adhesive Seeley J, Jensen JL, Hutcherson J A randomised clinical study comparing a hydrocellular dressing to a hydrocolloid dressing in the management of pressure ulcers. Clinical Study
Allevyn Heel G Kammerlander Use of Allevyn Heel in the management of heel ulcers Clinical Study
Allevyn Sacrum Dowsett C Allevyn Sacrum in the management of a Grade III sacral pressure sore Case Study
Allevyn Adhesive Carragher S Allevyn Adhesive and Intrasite * Gel in the management IV Stage Pressure Sore. Case Study
Allevyn Non-Adhesive Joan-Enric Torra I Bou, Justo Ruedo Lopez, Carme Ramon I Canton An experimental study to calculate the pressure reduction effect of Allevyn Non-Adhesive dressing in healthy volunteers on locations susceptible to pressure ulcers. Experimental Study
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Allevyn Non-Adhesive Baker NR, Creevy J A randomised comparative pilot study to evaluate Allevyn Non-Adhesive Hydrocellular dressings and Sorbsan Calcium-Alginate dressings in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers Case Study
Venous Leg Ulcer Allevyn Non-Adhesive Rajput HI, Cullingworth L, Dunne T Comparative evaluation of a hydrocellular foam wound dressing Allevyn Non-Adhesive versus a hydrocolloid dressing in chronic lower limb venous ulceration Randomised Controlled Trial
Fungating/Malignant Wounds Allevyn Non-Adhesive Crittenden M Fungating wounds: "A shared experience of a nursing challenge". An account of the palliative management of a patient with extensive fungating multi-nodular lesions arising from a malignant melanoma Poster Presentation
Surgical/Post-operative Wounds Allevyn Adhesive Martini L, Reali UM, Borgognoni L, Andriessen A Comparison of two dressings in the management of partial-thickness donor sites. Comparative Study
Burns Allevyn & Intrasite Gel De Vincentis, G., MD, Caracciolo, G., MD, PHD, Anselmi, A. RN. The use of Allevyn Non-Adhesive and Intrasite * Gel in the treatment of facial burns in children due to fireworks. Case Study
Donor Sites Allevyn Non-Adhesive Giovanni Di Benedetto, MD, Marina Pierangeli, MD Alessandro Saclise, MD Anneke Andriessen, R.N, C.N.S, Ph.D., Sara Rowan, R.N. C.N.S. and Aldo Bertani, MD An improved Tie-Over dressing technique for skin graft fixation Case Study


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