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Carragher S. Allevyn* Adhesive and Intrasite*Gel in the management IV Stage Pressure Sore. Smith & Nephew Case Study. Data on File.


Type of Study: Case Study

Type of Wound: latrogenic pressure sores



A case study of a 23-year-old paraplegic patient from East Africa. The patient was a victim of war and sustained his stage IV pressure sores (according to Shea's classification) on the sacrum and both hips. Wound measurements on admission were; sacral stage IV pressure sore 15cm 2, necrosis and purulent sloughy tissue present, stage IV pressure sore on bilateral trochanters, size of both ulcers 8cm 2. Necrotic and purulent sloughy tissue is present in both ulcers. The patient was malnourished and suffered from marasmus. He also received a catheter in order to prevent urinary contamination of his wounds.


The wound management regime consisted of the following: The ulcers were rinsed with saline after which Intrasite Gel was applied, covered with Allevyn Adhesive dressing. Surgical debridement was also performed. Dressing changes took place depending on the condition of the wound and the production of exudate, at this stage on a daily basis. At the end of the
case study, the ulcer on the right hip had totally healed, the sacral ulcer reduced in size to 2cm 2 and the ulcer on the left trochanter reduced to 3cm 2.


Key Findings

  • Allevyn Adhesive was reported as easy to apply and remove.
  • Dressing remained in place well
  • Absorption rate was good and patient comfort high.