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A shared experience of a nursing...

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Crittenden M. Fungating wounds: "A shared experience of a nursing challenge". An account of the palliative management of a patient with extensive fungating multi-nodular lesions arising from a malignant melanoma. Smith & Nephew Poster Presentation. Data on File.


Type of Study: Case Study


Type of Wound: Fungating and Malignant Wounds


Case study of a 67-year-old woman with a malignant melanoma and long standing open skin lesions. The patient was admitted to a palliative care unit with an oedematous leg with wounds extending from foot to groin, covering 70% of the leg and producing copious amounts of exudate. Slough and devitalised tissue were present and the limb was infected.

Intrasite* Gel was used to facilitate the removal of necrotic tissue and slough and Kaltostat was used to aid haemostasis and to absorb exudates. Opsite* was used to secure edges.


Allevyn* Hydrocellular was used to absorb exudates and maintain integrity. Allevyn Hydrocellular was adapted to resemble a knee length boot.

The aim of therapy was palliation and improvement of quality of life.

Key Findings

  • Allevyn succeeded in absorbing large amounts of exudate.
  • The use and flexibility of Allevyn was accepted by the patient and resulted in an improvement in body image, fulfilling the treatment criteria of improving quality of life.
  • The provision of a larger than commercially available dressing by Smith & Nephew proved invaluable in the management of a terminally ill patient with fungating multi-nodular lesions.