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Allevyn* Clinical Evidence

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Allevyn* Adhesive and Allevyn Non-Adhesive - Delivering superior fluid management


Optimal fluid management is an essential function of dressings for use on exuding wounds. The ability to manage exudate effectively results in the optimal wound environment for healing. Failure to manage wound exudate can result in fluid pooling at the skin surface, which has the potential to cause maceration, or leakage, which may allow the penetration of bacteria into the wound.


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Allevyn Non-Adhesive has the best fluid handling capacity within non-adhesive foam dressings 3


Fluid handling capacities of a range of non-adhesive dressings over a

24-hour period





(g/100cm 2 of

absorbent pad)

Allevyn Non-Adhesive Graph

Polymem TM Non-Adhesive

Mepilex TM 3M TM Foam Non-Adhesive Biatain TM Foam Non-Adhesive New Allevyn Non-Adhesive

Water Vapour Transmission
Fluid Absorbed





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Allevyn Non-Adhesive - Providing protection against leakage


In managing patients' wounds, leakage of exudate can be a combination of poor fluid handling and/or dressing design. Protection against leakage becomes particularly important depending on different wound types. For example protection against leakage on a leg ulcer may become more important if the patient is mobile and the leg is vertical. As well as the potential of delaying wound healing or increasing the risk of bacterial penetration, leakage of exudate can also have a considerable impact on patient quality of life.


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Allevyn Non-Adhesive provides better protection against leakage than the competition (in-vitro) 4





Provides protection against leakage (in-vitro)

New Allevyn Non-Adhesive Moderate exudate tick
Mepilex TM X
3M TM Foam X
Biatain TM Non-Adhesive





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