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Introducing ALLEVYN Ag


ALLEVYN containing silver - making your choice a whole lot easier.

People always remember how you made them feel.

And a little thanks can mean a lot. So we've designed ALLEVYN to help you provide your patients with the best path to healing. ALLEVYN Ag dressings provide antimicrobial action to fight bacteria and help prevent infection. Triple-action ALLEVYN technology absorbs, retains and transpires the optimal balance of fluid for the very best in patient care.


ALLEVYN confidence


All that you'd expect from ALLEVYN triple-action technology



Promotes faster healing

Delivers the optimal moist wound environment for the promotion of faster healing

Allevyn Ag Product image


Optimal fluid management
Triple-action technology absorbs, retains and trranspires the optimal balance of fluid

Easy to use
Easy to apply and remove, non adherent to the wound bed
Cost effective
7 day wear time, fewer dressing changes



Silver simplified


All that you need for sustained antimicrobial protection.


Allevyn Ag product shot

Highly effective
Reduces bacterial load to eliminate barriers to healing 1,2


Long lasting
Sustained antimicrobial activity for up to 7 days 3


Broad spectrum
Antimicrobial efficacy against a wide range of wound pathogens including MRSA and VRE 4
Reliable protection
Dynamic top film prevents bacteria 5,6 and fluid penetration 7,8




Silver Simplified

technology and


of silver


One simple



ALLEVYN performance


Unique triple-action technology, now with the added benefit of silver


  3 Transpires enough fluid to keep the dressing comfortable and conformable

2 Retains
enough fluid to keep a healthy moist wound environment

ALLEVYN Ag contains silver
within the cellular structure of its
polyurethane foam layer
1 Absorbs enough fluid to remove unwanted exudate



ALLEVYN Ag visible results

Clinical signs of improvement within days of use.


Clinical Cases presented at Wounds UK 2007 by Harriett Loehne, PT, DPT, CWS, FACCWS


ALLEVYN Ag Case 04.01 - Lisa Keyser, RN Nashville, TN
Date: 3rd Oct 2007
85 year old male, pressure ulcer, evidence of bioburden

Date: 8th Oct 2007
Wound Size reduced by 29%, dressing managed exudate, conformed well and no pain upon removal.


ALLEVYN Ag Case 01.05 - Pam Johnson, RN Thomasville, GA

Date: 5th October 2007

Neuropathic Ulcer
Strep agalactiae (B) abundant , wound dressed with ALLEVYN Ag Non Adhesive


Date: 15th October 2007

Wound area reduced. 17th October micro results show Strep agalactiae (B) sparce

Date: 23rd October 2007 Managed exudate well, conformed well, comfortable, no pain upon removal
ALLEVYN Ag Case 01.03 - Glenda Diaz, RN Thomasville, GA

Date: 2nd October 2007

Leg Ulcer

Date: 5th October 2007,

The dressing managed exudate well, conformed well, no pain upon removal

Date: 9th October 2007

Wound bed has a full cover of epithelial cells.



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