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How to use Cica-Care*


Take a look at the following 8 simple steps to effective treatment, and see just how easy it is to gently soften, flatten and fade red, dark or raised scars with Cica-Care.


step 1

Wash your hands before use and then gently clean the scar and surrounding skin. Thoroughly dry the area before applying Cica-Care.


step 2

Peel the lid from the tray containing Cica-Care and remove the gel sheet.


step 3

With a pair of scissors, cut the sheet to the size of the scar - allowing a little overlap all the way round. Store the remaining gel sheet in a dry place, like the tray the gel came in.


step 4
Remove the printed plastic sheet to reveal the adhesive.


step 5
Apply Cica-Care, adhesive side down, to the scarred area without stretching the strip. If your scar is in an awkward position you may wish to use a light bandage or tape to keep Cica-Care in position. Do not hold the gel sheet too tightly to the skin as this may cause irritation of the scar and surrounding area.


step 6
should be applied to the scar for 4 hours on the first two days of use. The application time should then be increased by 2 hours a day to enable your skin to get used to the gel strip. See treatment time and the Cica-Care user diary for more details.


step 7
Clean Cica-Care twice daily with a mild soap or Cica-Care cleanser where available from your local pharmacist. Once you've cleaned the gel strip, rinse it well.


step 8
Dry the Cica-Care strip with a non-fluffy towel before re-applying. Ensure the scar and surrounding area is washed too.


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Close-up of Cica-Care