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Cica-Care* has been used by the medical profession for over ten years, in which time it has helped improve the appearance of red, dark or raised scars for over one million people worldwide. And now it's available for you to purchase from your local pharmacist.


During the development of Cica-Care*, many research studies were undertaken - and the results were very impressive. In fact, it has been proven that Cica-Care* works in up to 90% of cases and that the results of treatment are permanent.




Cica-Care on hand


Here we have summarised the results of four key research programmes so you too can see evidence of how effective Cica-Care* is.




Cica-Care* is up to 90% effective.

Carney, Carson, Gowar, Stevenson, Macnee, Groves et al 1994.


This trial involved 42 people aged between 2 and 60 with red, dark or raised scars. The trial studied the effect of Cica-Care* treatment at two and six months and compared the results with untreated scars.


Results showed 93% of scars had improved after 2 months with Cica-Care*. These scars had improved in condition, colour and texture, softening to enable the skin to become more flexible. Only 12% of untreated scars improved after 2 months, with just 38% showing improvement after 6 months.

Comparison graph



Cica-Care* is proven to be durable.

Donald, ANZBA 1995.


A total of 31 patients aged between 18 months and 65 years old took part in this trial. The patients had either hypertrophic or keloid scars which are both types of red, dark or raised scars. Patients were divided into two groups; one using Cica-Care* and the other another type of silicone gel sheet


The results showed Cica-Care* to be tougher in every day use. In all, 69% of patients using Cica-Care* wore the same strip for more than two weeks compared to just 40% for the other silicone gel treatment.


By being more durable, Cica-Care* lasts longer and is therefore more cost effective to use.

Durable graph



Cica-Care* is effective on scars up to 20 years old.

Quinn 1987.


This study was probably one of the most extensive of its kind, involving 125 people who had red, dark or raised scars up to 20 years old.


The results proved 81% of patients who continued with the trial showed improvements in the condition of their scars, even those with scars that were up to 20 years old.

Effective on old scars
81% of patients who continued on the trial improved their scars with Cica-Care.



Cica-Care* prevents red, dark and raised scarring

Magalone 1994


After breast surgery, 34 patients were selected to take part in a trial intended to find out just how effective Cica-Care* was in the prevention of post-operative scarring.


Of these 34, a selection used Cica-Care* whilst others tried pressure dressings and a final group used both Cica-Care* and pressure dressings. All the dressings were applied once the surgery had healed.


After two months of treatment the results were compared. Of the patients who used Cica-Care*, 40% had white soft scars rather than the red, dark or raised scars

Preventative scarring


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