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Consultants views


Dr M Gold leading USA Dermatologist

As one of the leading dermatologists in the United States, Dr. Michael Gold has researched scars and their optimum treatments for over 10 years. He performed the initial clinical trials on Cica-Care*, the premier topical silicone gel sheeting, in his clinic in Nashville, TN USA.


"The research that was performed at our clinic suggests that in the majority of cases we were able to flatten raised, red scars and made the colour return towards normal. In our clinic, we routinely initiate therapy with Cica-Care for patients with raised, red scars. It is preferable over other forms of therapy because it is not painful like steroid injections, it does not have any discomfort associated with wearing pressure garments, and it does not have the risks or complications which may be associated with surgery. Patients find Cica-Care very easy to use and helpful in their own care.


Cica-Care is useful for raised, red scars of any age and should be considered an important treatment option for these potentially difficult scars."


Dr P Price UK based psychologist

Individuals with visible scars are aware that others can feel uncomfortable around them and most of these messages are 'non-verbal', for example, people either stare or avoid eye-contact, or stand further away from them. To the person with scarring all these behaviours reinforce the notion that they are 'different', resulting in anxiety about social situations, leading to poor self-confidence and low self-esteem. Many individuals with scars, whether visible or not, feel that the scar impacts on their everyday life - many seek scar therapy in order to feel that they are proactively dealing with the problem. Scar therapies such as silicone gel sheeting allows individuals who want a non-invasive approach to regain some control over their therapy. Whilst scar tissue will never return to 'normal', and it is important that expectations are realistic, many who try this option have been very happy with the results.


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Close-up of Cica-Care