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ProGuide* Product Information


ProGuide consists of 3 components:


ProGuide Wound Contact Layer (WCL)
A unique 10cm x 10cm dressing based on Allevyn* technology. The dressing is an absorbent hydrocellular pad sandwiched between two perforated wound contact layers.

It is highly absorbent and absorbs and retains wound fluid under compression. The fluid is retained within the hydrocellular matrix even under compression. This reduces the incidence of leakage, and the risk of maceration to surrounding skin. Under compression, it continues to be soft, cushioning and conformable.


ProGuide WCL maintains a moist wound environment which promotes the physiological healing process. On heavily exuding leg ulcers exudate will pass through ProGuide WCL to the padding layer.


Both sides of ProGuide WCL can be applied to the wound.


ProGuide #1 Absorbent Padding Layer
Designed to complement the compression layer, ProGuide #1 is a highly absorbent padding.


ProGuide #1 is a conformable and provides cushioning under compression. It is manufactured using a special process to give the fleece a very soft finish. It therefore feels smooth against the skin.


ProGuide #2 Compression Layer
ProGuide #2 is a unique compression bandage - the design of the elastic means the stretch of ProGuide can be varied and yet still achieve efective compression, reducing the risk of over or under compressing. Clinicians recognise that compression represents best practice for venous leg ulcers, but a key area of concern is achieving the correct level of compression, especially for less experienced practitioners. No one wants to under compress because that is not the quickest way to heal a leg ulcer, but neither do they want to over compress which can cause damage. In reality what actually happens is that 'some compression' is considered better than nothing, hence in practice the majority of practitioners admit to under compression.


The elastic incorporated into ProGuide #2 overcomes this area of concern.

ProGuide #2 has a low tack adhesive that helps ensure the system is held in place for up to 7 days.