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Profore* Lite

Multi-Layer Compression Bandage


Multi-Layer Compression Bandage

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

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Profore* Lite is a multi-layer compression bandage system for the treatment of mixed venous and arterial leg ulcers. Profore Lite consists of a low-adherent wound contact layer, an absorbent wool padding layer, a light conformable crepe bandage and a flexible cohesion compression bandage.


Features and Benefits


Clinically Proven to Heal Ulcers

  • A reduced compression multi-layer bandage system was shown to heal leg ulcers at a rate of 56% by 12 weeks and 75% by 24 weeks in patients with arterial disease. 1


Effective for Patients with Diabetes

  • Profore Lite has been shown to produce an overall healing rate of 67% in diabetic patients with leg ulceration and compromised arterial circulation (and/or ABPI < 0.8), and there was no acute progression of lower limb ischemia. 2

Reduced Yet Effective, Graduated Sustained Compression

  • Profore Lite does not have the light compression bandage ( Profore #3) of the original Profore system, which reduces the overall sub-bandage pressure. The cohesive nature of the outer bandage maintains the security of the Profore Lite system in place for a full week without loss of compression.


Can be Left in Place for up to a Week

  • The multi-layer bandage system has sufficient absorption capacity to manage exudate for up to a week without needing re-application, in most cases.


Reduces Nursing Time

  • Weekly dressing changes greatly reduce the nursing time required for the treatment of venous leg ulcers.



  • The Profore Lite system pack contains everything necessary for the application of safe and effective graduated compression therapy. Profore Lite reduces preparation time, simplifies the stock control and ensures that the correct components are always available.


Contraindications / Precautions



  • Patients with a low ABPI and symptoms of arterial disease should be seen by a vascular specialist before application of compression.
  • Diabetic patients may have a falsely elevated ABPI due to the calcification of peripheral arterial vessels and should therefore always be assessed with additional clinical measures.
  • Further clinical assessment will determine whether compression is appropriate for those patients experiencing intermittent claudication.


  • Profore Lite should not be used on patients with and ABPI of less than 0.6, or on patients with advanced small vessel disease.




Each system pack contains the following:

  • One Profore wound contact layer (9.5cm x 9.5cm)
  • One Profore #1 natural padding bandage (10cm x 3.5m unstretched)
  • One Profore #2 light conformable dressing (10cm x 2.9m unstretched)
  • One Profore #4 flexible cohesive bandage (10cm x 3m unstretched)

Code Description Items per unit
66000415 Wound contact layer and three bandages 1 kit

Clinical Support

Multi-Layer Compression Bandage

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals only.

Clinical Support

1. Moffat CJ et al. Community clinics for leg ulcers and impact on healing. Br Med J 1992; 305: 1389-92.

2. Bowering CK. Use of layered compression in diabetic patients. Adv Wound Care 1998; 11: 129-35.