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Acticoat* 7 (with SILCRYST TM Nanocrystals) and the management of an acutely infected venous leg ulcer

This case study demonstrates the use of Acticoat 7 in the management of an acutely infected venous leg ulcer.


The patient was an 82 year old male, admitted to hospital with a fracture of the distal portion of his left femur and a suspected deep vein thrombosis and cellulitis of his right leg. He had a medical history of bilateral total knee replacements, myeloproliferative disorder, and a mild right-sided weakness from a cerebrovascular accident. Prior to being admitted to hospital, the patient had been mobile with the aid of a walking stick.

The patient's right leg had become extremely painful and the skin was broken and inflamed (Fig. 1). Infection could be seen tracking up the leg and the ulcerated area bled very easily on examination and on removal of the previous dressings (a hydrofiber TM dressing). The patient was extremely concerned that he was going to lose his leg as the deterioration had been very rapid.


A wound swab was taken and the ulcer was irrigated. Moistened Acticoat 7 was then applied. Systemic antibiotic treatment was also commenced. After two days of this treatment regimen, the dressing was removed to allow for examination of the wound. The wound was redressed with Intrasite* Gel and moistened Acticoat 7.


After 2 days the patient reported a dramatic reduction in pain.


After 5 days the ulcer showed considerable improvement. The Intrasite Gel had maintained the ulcer in a moist environment and the wound bed was clearly looking healthier. The ulcer had started to over-granulate, so a change of dressing regime was warranted. A new Acticoat 7 dressing was applied along with 2 layers of foam dressing to provide a little pressure to the wound bed. The dressing remained in place for 7 days.


By day 14 the over-granulation had stopped and the wound was reduced in size (Fig. 2). The patient was discharged from hospital and management of the ulcer passed to the community nursing team.


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