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Acticoat* and Acticoat 7 (with SILCRYST TM Nanocrystals) on a paediatric scald of the chest and flank

This case study illustrates effective use of Acticoat and Acticoat 7 in the healing of a paediatric scald, demonstrating patient comfort and savings in both nursing time and use of analgesia.

The patient was a 20 month old boy with a superficial/partial thickness burn to the chest and flank. The wound was painful with blisters evident on the surface of the skin (Fig. 1).

Acticoat was moistened and applied to the burn, then covered with a Melolin* dressing. The patient was then discharged in the care of the parents. No analgesia was required.

After three days, the Acticoat was removed and significant healing of the burn wound was evident. The wound was clean and moist and no analgesia was required. At this time, an Acticoat 7 dressing was applied and the same regime followed for the next seven days.

Healing of the burn occured in just over two weeks. (Fig. 2). Significant savings in both nursing time, analgesia and in-patient stays were identified. Patient comfort and family satisfaction were noteworthy.

Fig 1 Fig 2

Nanocrystalline Silver is a patented technology of NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp.
TM SILCRYST is a trademark of NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp, used under licence