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Acticoat* Case Study MRomanelli Sacrum

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Use of Acticoat* 7 (with SILCRYST TM Nanocrystals) on a pressure ulcer of the sacrum


This case study illustrates the use of Acticoat 7 in the treatment of a pressure ulcer that had failed to respond to previous treatment.


The patient was an 80 year old male with multiple lesions to the sacrum, which had been present for 3 months. The patient was malnourished with malignancy. The ulcer had been previously treated with hydrocolloids but without improvement. Prior to the use of Acticoat 7, the patient's wound measured 48cm 2 (see Fig. 1).


Acticoat 7 was moistened, applied to the ulcer and covered with an Allevyn* dressing. Dressing changes were carried out every 7 days.


After 7 days, the wound was reduced in size to 32cm 2. The condition of the wound dramatically improved, which is clearly evident in Figure 2.


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Nanocrystalline Silver is a patented technology of NUCRYST Pharmaceuticals Corp.
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